11th New Moon, 6013

Driving south. The curvy road sliced before me through the descending darkness. The headlights of the Uhaul in my rear view mirror came and went as we rounded bend after bend. The river to our left flowed opposite our travel. I could barely see it’s snow covered banks anymore. Every so often, Sanka howled his disgust at the whole senerio from his cage in the backseat. And Kayrah, curled up in my lap, could not decide to do with the cat’s howling. Other than the noise of the animals, the trip was silent for me. Aloneness was the key to opening up my heart. So as day began to slide into the hands of night I and I continued to ponder the events of the past few weeks, I began to speak outloud . . .

“I have heard you calling to me ever since I was a little girl. It was you who caused a fire to burn in my heart from the day I was born. Even as a little girl, I knew that I was born to do something in particular. I see that it is you that has set me apart.”

The canyon began to get narrower. The distance between us and the tipi was feeling greater as the scenery after Gold Fork was less familiar than it was prior to our stop at the hot springs hours before. Kayrah stirred in my lap wanting to rest her head on my arm, but I needed my arm for driving. I continued speaking . . .

“Papa! It is you that moved us to the mountain. Now it is you that is moving us off the mountain. We couldn’t go back even if we wanted to. Your Pillar of Cloud has left our life there and it goes before us leading us somewhere new and strange. Show it to me. Let me actually see the Pillar of Cloud. Oh, give me eyes to see and ears to hear. Your provisions have been good, but once again, here in the darkness and in the intense time of travel confirm for me that we are following you.”

The string of lights piled up behind the Uhaul on this narrow canyon road. I searched with cat eyes for a place where both of us could pull over to let the travelers pass. I found a wide spot. Right blinker on. The lights passed. Left blinker on and we pulled back out onto the road the only thing lit up was the road lines guiding us from disaster on either side. But my heart kept speaking outloud . . .

“Papa, I am captivated by your Story. I am captivated with your rhythm. Your ways and your Covenant allure me. You have wooed my heart to yours and delight and agreement has bonded me to you.”

By now I had given up looking for the New Moon. The sky was so dark I knew it wouldn’t be there that long after sunset. We had plans to celebrate it when we arrived in Boise. Which in and of itself was going to be fun. A new restaurant to eat at. For years Chinese food has been our way of marking the New Moon. And it was becoming a weary tradition. Now, with the move, the canvas was blank and we were free to find a new place to celebrate in the big city . . . is there anyone else in Boise tonight celebrating the New Moon?

“I want to teach your ways, Papa. I want to teach your Covenant. I want to teach your rhythm! I want to proclaim your name to the next generation. I want to declare your Feasts to the world so that the next generation knows and can be saved. This is your fire that burns deep in my heart. A fire that I can not put out. Grant me this for it is the only desire of my heart. This is a fire that you have put there, not me and I am helpless to do anything or want anything else.”

And then there it was! Framed in the crux of the steep mountain silhouettes was cradled the New Moon! It was HUGE! The disk perfectly visible. The thin strip of reflected light edged the bottom of the disk almost like a smile. It was the ‘Pillar of Cloud!’ It was Yahovah pleased with us. Pleased with my prayer. Pleased with our move. Going before us. And I heard him say to my heart, “I hear you. I see you. I will provide for you! I love you! And yes, you will teach my ways to the next generation, Rebekah!” And I was completely undone. Trying desperately to soak it in and stay on the road, I gazed at it as much as I could without disappearing over the bank myself. The New Moon disappeared as fast as I saw it and I wondered if I really had seen it for it was the most glorious, unexpected New Moon I’d ever seen! Not a cloud, but light for our journey. And tears welled up from my heart and exploded out my lips with praise that only the ct, the dog and the Universe heard . . .

“You are Good! You are my daddy and I am so proud to be your daughter! There is none like you! For the rest of my life let me be known as ‘Rebekah Qara bat Yahovah!”

As I drove out of the canyon I kept looking for it. Wanting it to come back so I could find a place to pull over and soak it in. Did Chris and the girls see it, too? I couldn’t wait to stop and find out. And we did.

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